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Advertising copywriting: Colt Group

untitledThe Colt Group is an international leader in the design, manufacture and installation of systems which control the internal environment of buildings.

My marketing communications role

I was responsible, as Account Director at PRG Marketing Communications, for much of Colt’s PR and for the creative direction and copywriting of advertisements.

Colt wanted to raise awareness that it provides three solutions for climate control – air-conditioning, natural ventilation, and solar shading – and that these are all compatible, enabling integrated control. One way of reaching the target audience was through the pages of key trade publications such as the high-quality monthly magazine Building Services Journal. Many of the adverts in these journals rely on photos of shiny technical hardware. My solution was to stand out by daring to be different.  Colt’s advert, showing the side profile of a lady with the large tummy-bump of pregnancy, leapt out from the page and strongly conveyed the message of ‘top-to-toe’ climate control.

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