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Advertising copywriting: Welplan

Layout 1Welplan is the leading provider of employee benefits for companies operating in the building services industry, selling products such as life cover, disability cover, sickness benefit, healthcare, and pensions.

My role

Welplan’s broad-ranging marketing communications – PR, direct mail, customer magazines, and advertising – were part of my Account Director’s remit during my time with PRG Marketing Communications. In addition to managing marketing strategy, my responsibilities included copywriting sales literature, copywriting newsletters, and copywriting adverts.

Although Welplan’s products directly benefit employees, it is employers who buy them and who must be persuaded of the additional benefits to their business. For that reason, advertisements focus on commercial advantage.

To give just one example, Welplan operates HMRC-approved holiday pay schemes. It was known for some time that these schemes would lose their National Insurance exemptions in late 2012. In the run-up to this deadline, Welplan actively encouraged companies to take advantage of the exemptions while they were still available. This advert, for which I was responsible for the creative concept and copywriting, was part of that initiative.

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