Advertising copywriting: ‘Because you deserve it!’ campaign

After successfully bidding for £1 million of government funding per year for three consecutive years to improve the town’s privately-owned housing stock, Eastbourne Borough Council needed to encourage residents to apply for grants, financial assistance, and interest-free loans. Sums of £100 to £30,000 were available for home repairs; for home adaptations to improve safety, warmth […]

Advertising copywriting: East Sussex Energy Partnership

The East Sussex Energy Partnership encouraged homeowners to install energy-saving measures such as loft and cavity-wall insulation and renewable technologies such as solar panels. Run by Climate Energy Ltd on behalf of four local authorities, the Partnership publicised the availability of government-funded grants to pay for these installations. In my role as Account Director with […]

Advertising copywriting: Colt Group

The Colt Group is an international leader in the design, manufacture and installation of systems which control the internal environment of buildings. My marketing communications role I was responsible, as Account Director at PRG Marketing Communications, for much of Colt’s PR and for the creative direction and copywriting of advertisements. Colt wanted to raise awareness […]

Advertising copywriting: Welplan

Welplan is the leading provider of employee benefits for companies operating in the building services industry, selling products such as life cover, disability cover, sickness benefit, healthcare, and pensions. My role Welplan’s broad-ranging marketing communications – PR, direct mail, customer magazines, and advertising – were part of my Account Director’s remit during my time with […]

Advertising copywriting: Business Plus

HVCA Business Plus was introduced as an ‘umbrella brand’ to overarch the seven companies and brands belonging to trade association HVCA (Heating and Ventilating Contractors’ Association). These seven brands sold a wide range of products and services, but to similar clients. By bringing the brands together, HVCA Business Plus increased the power and cost efficiencies […]