Journalism: Lamborghini!

This story puts the reader in the passenger seat of a Lamborghini next to one of the company’s famously fast test drivers. Upon receiving the article, the Editor of Motor Trend magazine in the USA was kind enough to say “It’s the best drive story I’ve read for years.” The article was also published in […]

Journalism: Night Without End

This article about the Beaujolais Rally won an annual national award in the USA as ‘Best Magazine Feature Story’. It was written for bestselling US automotive title Motor Trend, but is less about cars than travel and adventure. Racing across France to bring Beaujolais to the breakfast table THERE’S NO SENSE to any of this. […]

Journalism: Rocket!

Gordon Murray, the legendary designer of racing cars and road cars, very kindly sent me a postcard after seeing this story about his Rocket sports car. One side of the card showed a photo of another of his creations, the McLaren F1 supercar; on the other side, Gordon wrote “The article on the Rocket read […]

Journalism: Colin Chapman remembered

This brief biography was written for Auto Gallery, a lavish magazine produced in the USA for the wealthy buyers of high-end contemporary and classic cars. A genius who achieved more than Enzo Ferrari in half the time IF YOU CARE the slightest about sports cars, or world-class auto racing, or flying, or boats, or commercial […]

Journalism: Soichiro Honda remembered

This short article was written for Motor Trend magazine.  WITH THE DEATH of 84-year-old Soichiro Honda, the world’s auto industry has lost one of its greatest individuals, a forward-thinking leader whose name belongs right up there with the likes of Henry Ford and Walter P. Chrysler. Unlike Ford, of course, Honda wasn’t the first to […]