Journalism: Rough Guide innovator Sankha Guha

This story of meeting ground-breaking TV presenter Sankha Guha was written for the London edition of Point Three, a Mercedes-Benz customer magazine. SANKHA GUHA – MY LONDON As a presenter for BBC TV’s Holiday programme and the ground-breaking series Rough Guide To The World, Sankha Guha has visited more exotic regions and cities than most […]

Journalism: Colin Chapman remembered

This brief biography was written for Auto Gallery, a lavish magazine produced in the USA for the wealthy buyers of high-end contemporary and classic cars. A genius who achieved more than Enzo Ferrari in half the time IF YOU CARE the slightest about sports cars, or world-class auto racing, or flying, or boats, or commercial […]

Journalism: Soichiro Honda remembered

This short article was written for Motor Trend magazine.  WITH THE DEATH of 84-year-old Soichiro Honda, the world’s auto industry has lost one of its greatest individuals, a forward-thinking leader whose name belongs right up there with the likes of Henry Ford and Walter P. Chrysler. Unlike Ford, of course, Honda wasn’t the first to […]